Now entering it’s 3rd evolution, the RISE International Photography Awards is a unique, online photography awards system aimed at seeing entrants elevate their work from one award year to the next. Every entry receives feedback from our panel of highly trained international judges.

The overall objectives of the awards are:
• to elevate the entire photography industry,
• to create an industry of highly skilled photographers with a passion to grow and learn, and
• to give them the tools they need to develop a sustainable business for years to come.

At the conception of the RISE International Photography Awards, it was clear there was a noticable gap between the high achievers in the photography industry, and the newer, less experienced photographers in regards to awards and recognition of their work. The talk amongst these newer photographers, used phrases like, “pipe-dream”, or “I’m nowhere near that”, “I couldn’t do that, that would be scary.”

RISE aims to turn this connotation around to one of being fearless and being confident.

The concept of The RISE International Photography Awards was originally devised by Kelly Brown, one of Australia’s most recognised and successful portrait photographers. Kelly and her team have commited to the RISE Awards to close the gap evident in the photography industry. We wish to see the standards RISE throughout the industry, allowing photographers at all stages in their photography career to become the best they can be.

In 2018, the first Rise International Photography Awards received 2000 entries from over 30 countries. With 6 categories focussing on the domestic portraiture genre, from maternity to family. 

And in 2019, we introduced the Pet, Portrait and Wedding categories. This saw the competition double to just over 4000 entries. We also developed a custom built website to host the competition, to simplify the entry process and make it easier for the judges to provide their invaluable feedback. 

In 2020 the Rise International Photography Awards open July 1st and close September 1st. 


To increase the standard of photography across the world-wide market by encouraging all photographers to have their work judged and critiqued by qualified photography judges.

To keep the international community of photographers engaged in their work and their industry, and to facilitate the growth and rise of the entrant, in regard to their business and their work.

To ensure longevity and success of the industry and those businesses who supply the industry, by ensuring the quality of our photographer’s work increases in addition to their understanding of photography techniques and practices.