Q&A – Kelly McDonald of All About Garden Babies Fairy Art

Kelly MacDonald’s images are a journey into a magical land of woodland fairies and storybooks that come to life. Her story for why she enters awards and what was her biggest lesson from entering the awards, is full of hope and inspiration for anyone new to entering awards.

Who or What Inspires you?
I love old paintings. I love magic. I love seeing children have fun and light up with excitement. Capturing that in camera and creating my own vintage style magic portraits makes my heart sing.

What is your “Why” for entering awards?
Why did I enter. I wanted to see what a ‘real’ judge would make of my art. I wanted to give myself a yardstick to do better on next year. I put 2 images in, one that is what i do everyday, and another more ‘normal’ portraiture. I was floored when they both made the finals. Then absolutely astounded to get 2nd place! I’m still smiling. It has really booted my confidence and my sense of worth.But it is going to be hard to do better this year.

Share with us your Favourite Award Image

Let us know why its your favourite and what it is that makes you want to create images like this?
This sums up what i love creating. I don’t just want to take portraits, I want to tell stories. I want people to love it as a picture, not even knowing the children in it. I want io let the children see the magic in themselves. Be inspired, Be imaginative and just hold onto that innocence for a little while longer.

What is the biggest lesson you have had from entering awards?
That is easy. To value myself more. To value my art more. I don’t know how many times i have said, oh no, I’m not a real photographer, more an artist as my pictures are just a base for me to work on. Well, that’s changed. I am an award winning photographer who takes a beautiful photo of you or your children and then adds a little magic to tell a story! I’ve put my prices up, and will continue to do so. I stand a little taller too!



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