Tamara of Milldove Photography, 1st Place, Birth Category, RISE International Photography Awards

Empowerment is the most common theme I see when I read about Tamara’s photography.  Empowerment of women, and herself as a photographer.  Tamara Milldove is a Birth and Newborn Photographer from North Palmerston, New Zealand. Read her story entering awards here.

Who or What Inspires you?

Originally what made me pick my camera back up was having my own son, he is mostly the reason I do this, and I want him to grow up not fearing big life changes! He loves birth as much as I do and often asks to come with me to help 🙂 I get inspired by my clients too, each time I attend a birth, to document all these moments that lead to the biggest life changing moment that is, to me, simply incredible and mind blowing, I always leave a birth feeling on top of the world.

What is your “Why” for entering awards?

I enter awards to help normalise birth, that it isn’t scary or gross like a lot of people think or see in the movies but instead it mostly is beautiful and empowering, it is about the moments and connections within the family and their support team and if the birth doesn’t go as planned then the photographs I take can be a source for healing afterwards. I also enter awards so that I can continue to learn, by hearing the judges’ comments about my images I can then improve my work.

Share with us your Favourite Award Image

Let us know why its your favourite and what it is that makes you want to create images like this?

This image is my favourite (this far) as like many births I attend, I can remember the feeling of the atmosphere and what was happening when I took it. This one took my breath away and when I looked at it once I was home I was excited I caught it. The moment where this gorgeous mother had worked all night and most of the day finally relaxing while feeding her brand new baby for the first time, with dad holding her and also his new baby holding onto his finger for the first time, all the emotion felt like it was literally jumping out at me needing to be captured, the love just exudes from them. I think every family should have photos like this one; it is what makes me want to continue documenting births.

What is the biggest lesson you have had from entering awards?

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt from entering awards is to enter the images I love, not to enter images I think the judges will love. The thing about birth photography is it can often be over looked in the image competitions and it is often (in my experience) that judges are under whelmed with the difficulty there is with obtaining these images. When I look for an image from a birth that I want to include in awards I am looking for that special connection and I am always thinking of how I can get a better angle or how can I use the limited light to give the image more impact.

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