The Rules

1st July 2020

Midnight on 1st September 2020. Entries submitted after this time will not be accepted.

Entry is open to all photographers worldwide

As many as you like


$15 AUD per entry (Purchase 4 and get 1 Free) during 1 July to 31 July 2020
$25 AUD per entry (Purchase 4 and get 1 Free) during 1 August to 1 September 2020


  • Maternity
  • Documentary (including birth)
  • Baby 0 – 12mths
  • Children 1 – 12 years
  • Teens 13 – 19 years
  • Family – containing 2 or more family members
  • Pet & Animal
  • Portrait
  • Wedding
  • Landscape
  • Travel
  • Creative


Images will be viewed on calibrated monitors All categories

  • 3000px on the longest side
  • sRGB Profile
  • save as maximum quality JPEG

Finalists may be asked to provide a high-resolution image for the next round of judging if required.

Preliminary judging will take place online between the 15th September and 6th October 2020. Each image submitted will be judged anonymously and will receive a score plus feedback from our panel of judges.

From this round, 10 Finalists from each of the 12 categories will be selected and notified on 9th October 2020.

1st, 2nd& 3rd places for each category will be awarded to the 3 highest scoring entries in the final round of judging. (Due to the restrictions of Covid 19 the process for the final round of judging will be updated the closer to the date.)

1st, 2nd & 3rd recipients from each category, will be announced on 16th October 2020.

Gold for scores of 90 – 100
Silver for scores of 80 – 89
Bronze for scores of 75 – 79

For each Category:

  • FIRST – $750 AUD Cash PLUS a Trophy
  • SECOND – $250 AUD Cash PLUS a Trophy
  • THIRD – A Trophy


Please ensure that you read the following rules carefully. If an image does not comply with the rules the photographer will be notified that their image has been disqualified.

Judges are looking for Impact, Creativity, Technical Excellence and superior Photographic Technique.




  • All entries should be unique and original
  • The subject of each image should not be recognisable in any 2 images entered
  • All elements of each entry must have been captured within 5 years of the official closing date, 1st September 2020
  • All elements of each entry must be photographic and have been captured by the entrant
  • Post-production may be used to enhance an image, while retaining the integrity of the photographic capture.
  • Post-production in all categories (excluding the Creative Category) should not take away from the intention of the original capture. Heavily edited images may be better suited to the Creative Category, which invites a broad range of entries including conceptual image-making.
  • No digital backgrounds are allowed unless created by the entrant
  • Textures are permitted (excluding the Documentary Category) and must have been captured by the entrant
  • No stock photos or graphics are allowed
  • We reserve the right to request the RAW file of any entry if necessary
  • Diptychs & triptychs are permitted
  • Composite images are allowed (excluding the Documentary Category)
  • The entrant warrants that the work submitted is original
  • The entrant warrants that the work submitted does not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party.

All images will go through a vetting process to determine whether they meet the following rules for all categories.

If an image is deemed to not meet these requirements, the entrant will be contacted by the RISE team and may be required to submit further evidence.

Please see the Legal – Terms and Conditions for further clarification


Titles and Descriptions can be added to the following categories:

DOCUMENTARY – Titles and Descriptions
TRAVEL – Title


The Maternity Category welcomes photographs of pregnant women. Images may contain other members of the family but the pregnant women must be the focus of the photograph.


The Documentary Category invites photos that depict an accurate representation of the witnessed scene. Photos in this category must be of real (not made up or staged) events or scenes. Images must not be constructed or staged by either analogue or digital methods. Images may undergo basic processing / post-production, while maintaining an accurate and fair representation of the image’s context. It is encouraged that birth images be entered into this category. This includes images captured during labour, delivery and during the post-natal hours after the birth of a baby. Such images may contain other members of the family. A caption is required with each image submitted into this category. The original raw capture may be requested by competition organisers.


The Baby Category is for babies from 0-12 months in age. Images may contain other members of the family but the baby must be the focus of the photograph.


The Children Category is specifically for subjects aged between 1 & 12 years. Images may contain other members of the family, but the child must be the main focus.


The Teens Category is specifically for subjects aged between 13 & 19 years. Images may contain other members of the family, but the Teen must be the main focus.


The Family category is for families of 2 or more members. This category has no age limits.


The Pet & Animal category is for domestic and wild animals. Images may contain humans, however, the animal must be the main focus of the entry.


The Portrait category is for one or more persons. This category has no age limits; however, images of babies and children may be better suited to categories specifically dedicated to those ages.


The Wedding category is for images taken during a commissioned, real wedding. For composite images, all elements of the entry must have been captured during the same wedding.


The Creative category is well suited to images that are abstract, impressionistic or illustrative in nature, to give the artist freedom to create with no limitations on photographic postproduction.


The Landscape Category is for images depicting outdoor scenes. The landscape may contain living subjects but the landscape must be the main focus.


The Travel category invites images depicting culture, places, people and customs. Travel images should convey the character and ambiance of a location, and may include travel portraits. Images may be commissioned or self-commissioned. People and places should be represented fairly, both in capture and in post-production.

The copyright for all images entered in the RISE International Photography Awards will remain the property of the entrant, but it is a condition of entry that the entrant or their representatives agree unconditionally that the RISE International Photography Awards by may reproduce any works, free of charge, for the purposes of marketing, promotion, discussion and education in direct connection with the RIPA. RIPA also reserves the right to reproduce selected images free of charge for core non-commercial purposes, for example in the past competitions page of the RIPA website, indefinitely, as a public record.

The entrant warrants that the work submitted is original and does not infringe the copyright, moral rights or other rights of any third party and that he or she owns all rights and interests in the work submitted. The entrant will indemnify and keep indemnified the RISE International Photography Awards against any claim by a third party in relation to the work.

Entry fees and prizes are quoted in Australian dollars. The Organiser does not account or have any liability for any participant’s bank fees and charges that may be levied in currency conversion and currency transaction by the participating bank or institution. Prizes are paid in AUD. Currency conversions to local currency are at winners’ discretion and expense at the time of conversion.

Entry receipts for the competition are stored in your account details. Your purchase receipt will be listed there.

There are no alternative prizes available for prize winners.

The judges will determine the winning entry in each category. If the Organiser cannot contact a winning entrant by email within a reasonable time, the judges may award the prize(s) to another entry.

It is also a condition on entering the competition that the entrant agrees that visitors to the print competition are permitted to take photographs of their work for personal, non-commercial use during the run of the exhibition. The RIPA will install notices indicating that photography is permitted provided it is for personal, non-commercial use but will not be responsible if any images of the work taken are exploited commercially.

Those not eligible for entry are owners, employees and immediate family members of as well as the RISE International Photography Awards. Judges may enter, however can not judge the category they have entered.

The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence can be entered into. Entrants should be aware that all works are judged on an equal and anonymous basis and that there is no segregated judging by region or country.

The RISE International Photography Awards reserves the right to disqualify any piece of work if the entrant has not adhered to the rules, even if the work has been selected for exhibition.

All entries are subject to the laws of Australia and the state of Queensland.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, with the exception of the copyright and licensing terms.