Q&A with Rana Rankin, 1st Place, Child Category, 2018 RISE International Photography Awards

Rana Rankin is an inspiring photographer who has a love for photographing people of all ages.  Her Q&A delves into her Why she enters awards and defines failure by turning it into a learning.  Thank you for sharing Rana.  A good read for all those who are entering awards.


Who or What Inspires you?

People inspire me, the people that around me, the people that I don’t know. I often joke that I would be a great landscape photographer if there were people in the landscape. I am intrigued by people’s stories and my dream is to be able to tell these stories through photography.

What is your “Why” for entering awards?

Why do I enter awards? I guess there are a few reasons, it is an awesome way to be creative, to push yourself technically and a way of growing professionally.

I enter awards to challenge myself, to set out of my comfort zone, and of course it is a nice way to get validation that you are doing a good job.

Your Favourite Award Image

Let us know why its your favourite and what it is that makes you want to create images like this?

This is probably one of my favourite award images ever, as well as being one of my favourite shoots ever.
Its not because it did well in the awards, it is because I had an idea, I reached out to someone and together we totally got what I wanted. I feel I was able to tell a story with this image.

What is the biggest lesson you have had from entering awards?

Don’t let it crush your soul! Putting yourself out there is tough, and it is hard not to be upset when you don’t do well, but its important to realise you can learn from your “failures” (I don’t believe its a failure, you put yourself out there, its a win!).
Take risks, try something new, be creative. Not winning awards does not make you any less of a photographer.

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